“I strive to help people find their voice by imparting the power of language, both spoken and visual, as the cornerstone of identity and key to personal success.”
Maria Pentila




I am an experienced ESL tutor and creative professional with a demonstrated history of working in Higher Education, the Communication Services Industry and the Arts. On a mission to give voice to the power of the mind, I offer online English Coaching, Copywriting and Translation Services – because Language is Who We Are.

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With over 13 years of service in Education, my main focus is to equip students with the necessary language, study and thinking skills so as to engage in a confident and meaningful manner in English and Greek. Still, what I find particularly conducive to effective learning is the creation of a positive environment, based on trust and open communication, which fosters the students’ emotional wellbeing.


My knowledge and experience extend to the Communication Services Industry, which have ultimately given me a greater insight into the use of language not only as a tool for two-way communication in a business setting, but also as a way to articulate a brand’s personality that is true to its values and persona.


On a different note, a flair for abstract thinking and originality has impelled me to pursue various artistic endeavours to fully express my ideas and aesthetic. Essential to the creative process I follow is extensive reading on different concepts, in the fields of philosophy, sociology and psychology, such as the human condition, identity and culture. My chosen means include writing, digital art and singing.


I have lived and worked in the UK for about 10 years where I obtained a MSc in Public Relations and a BA(hons) in English Literature with ESL. In addition, I hold a DELTA – Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults and a CELTYL – Cetificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners.

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    General English


    One on one and group online ESL courses for young learners and adults with a focus on language comprehension strategies that foster self-reflection and autonomy.


    Start learning English now!


    Stimulating & positive atmosphere



    Transfer the strategies and tactics learnt
    to a variety of situations or when studying
    other languages


    Promoting empowerment and a growth
    mindset to boost abilities and achievement


    All levels taught – for Cambridge &
    Michigan language exams preparation
    Elementary: A1, A2
    Intermediate: B1, B2
    Advanced: C1, C2




    English For Specific Purposes – ESP


    Tailor-made online courses for professionals and university students available in English or English/Greek that meet individual needs in terms of content, learning style and time frame.


    Get in touch to discuss your language goals and draw up a plan that suits you best!


    Planned & targeted goal setting









    Extra Skills


    Transferable skills crash courses will teach you effective strategies for success at school or work and boost your confidence through physiological and psychological preparation and awareness.


    Interested in developing your skills?


    Study skills


    Test skills


    Thinking skills




    Make every word count with content that reflects your voice and activates your audience. Find the language that hits the mark and break away from the pack. Revision and editing of existing copy also available.


    Let’s make your voice heard!


    Corporate documents


    Website copy


    Slogan, taglines & value propositions






    Services offered in both Greek & English




    From/to English – Greek, attention is paid to detail to ensure you get the best translation quality quick and easy at competitive prices.


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    Corporate documents




    Academic assignments